Spectral Lore / Nachtreich "The Quivering Lights"

by Spectral Lore / Nachtreich

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released December 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Spectral Lore Αθήνα, Greece

This is the only official page for Spectral Lore. Atmospheric metal, ambient and experimental music.

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Track Name: Spectral Lore - Quivering
An idea that made the soul stir
Words transformed into deeds
Deeds into ink, ink into memory

The embers became silent
A glorious day.

I curse you, Sun, for I know
You'll only rise, as long as you fall down again.

That night, I dreamt.
I laid down among the twigs
A passing stream appeared
Pleased, I left it engulf me
Yet, it receded into drought
As if it were never there.

A cold breeze awakens me.
The candle-light flickers violently.

Do I hold fate in my hands?
And if I do, is it like a bent wooden toy
That breaks, thrusting at a vision
Too great for its briefness

I have begun to feel vibrancy and warmth withdraw from my hands.
It is as if my vessel, not excluding the organs responsible for what is naively called the soul,
Is being dried out of life, naturally and completely peacefully.
Yet, I am still young.
Track Name: Nachtreich - Ghost Lights
Here I walk on my own again,
no shelter in the autumn rain,
rusty leaves paint the world in marble gold,
while the sun stares down so cold

Silent tombs wait outside,
illuminated by a shivering light
through the bleak window of my soul,
emptiness enshrouds this light in woe

The naked trees are the audience,
winds whisper lullabies of evanescence,
myriads of shadows around so old
and with every fallen leaf, a long lost soul
Track Name: Spectral Lore - Vanishing
There is an invisible thread that binds everything, thin and fragile.
I must have cut it, because I hear the song of the leaves and the wind
But I cannot feel them.

Though, if it was called Spirit, God, or self-deceptive hope
Then I have no regrets.

Screams echo within the forest.

Dort, auf einer dunklen Lichtung,
tötet Apollo Dionysus.
Doch während er weiter rein,
kalt und steril bleibt,
antworten die Sterne nicht mehr.

There, in a dark clearing,
Apollo kills Dionysus.
Yet, while he remains pure, cold and sterile,
The stars no longer answer.)

And all Light is now made from Ghosts
Distant, obsolete, fading pages
Calling me to Join.

I run towards the river of my dream
All that is, was and will be.

It is gushing with Blood, true and vengeful
Pulling me, towards an inward spiral
Leading into the Heart of the Earth.

Yet, here I shall forever Hold.