Spectral Lore / Mare Cognitum "Sol"

by Spectral Lore / Mare Cognitum

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"Sol Ouroboros" by Mare Cognitum.
"Sol Medius" by Spectral Lore.
"Red Giant" is a collaboration.


released May 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Spectral Lore Αθήνα, Greece

This is the only official page for Spectral Lore. Atmospheric metal, ambient and experimental music.

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Track Name: Sol Ouroboros
A sign beheld
Of living stone

Sprawling across the vault of heaven
An embrace of amorphous clay

The child thrashes in the formless cradle, offspring of time and dust
Pangs of the birth which is to come herald the source of life

Thrusting infinite pressure
Mass infinite fragments
Dense solar clusters
Energy creates beginning

Unbearable crushing tension
In turbulent discord
Bleeding out the newborn
And reforming the flesh

The heat of this withdrawal becomes the beating heart
A host to feed on the gushing wounds

And thus, the flesh is complete, relieved by the placid storm
Calmed by the forlorn embrace of its dwindling home
Rising to rear its young in the warmth of its light
From the birth, an exhalation, the first breath of a star

In your

Stellar winds
Until your life

Son of Sol
Nigh is your dawn
As the night is cold

Within the sea
A writhing mass

Source of knowledge
Forged in dust
A chain of sinew
Stretching forth

Children of flesh, children of blood, and time
Awake your dormant minds and claim your rightful heir

But through
A loss
To the self
And the false
Sense of light
A dark

Forgetting the past
To devour the marrow of all

A cancer of thought
Breeds death
The sons of light
Stricken and worn

A cannibalistic being
Failure of eternity
Have you not foreseen the cost of this corruption?
In it, Ouroboros is complete.

Devour thyself. Devour thyself.
If you wish that your end
Gift thyself to the sanguine sphere
Track Name: Sol Medius
The horizon, an unfathomable darkness
Beacons of light within, gleam dimly
From the farthest of existence

The offspring observes
A history written in reverse
Leading to
One Exhalation

Of an unknown breath.

Parallel structures emerge
Between incomparable proportions
Revealed symmetry
From aberrant appearance.

Awareness paints a mirage of self-singularity
From it, a volition of immortality.

The vessel of intellect
Thrusts the sight, light years away
An acceleration bending the fabric of spacetime
Leading into the Heart of the Cosmos.

Wandering the blackened void, there lie
Elemental whispers of the primordial Ordinance

Attracting each other, forming clouds
Which collapse into higher densities

A unity of spherical mass
With a diadem as umbilical chord.

Thus, the God-Kings are born
The ever-burning forges of the cosmos
Bearers of the strength to meld the core of matter together
Condensing into weight, forcing into substance
From the remnants, their children arise
Hearth-givers and messengers to them alike.

The sight, however wondrous, returns incomplete
A rope of one lineage connects existence all throughout
From weightless elements to beasts of metal mass
From oneness to mind-bending complexity.

Spectral, though, is the hand that infuses with spirit
If it is not grabbed, how won't it always vanish?
When even Gods one day fade out.

The dream is dying, the mirror cracking
The begetter cannot protect the offspring
From the blazing fate of his own demise
Yet, lays down all else in their grasp.

Within the endless dark sea of unknowing
The rays of far-away beacons
Still conjoin in patterns meaningful

An explosion of evitability
The self-transforming agents
Divine feedback mechanisms
Returning the sight inwards

We are Soldiers
Volition of the Universe
Sentinels of All

Murderers of Self
Scorners of Oblivion

Impermanence and transformation
Complexity and bonding
Progression of Logos,
Extra-conscious transcendence

A spiral path we must walk
Towards an ever-dark horizon.
Track Name: Spectral Lore/Mare Cognitum - Red Giant
i) Nucleosynthesis
ii) Core Collapse
iii) Nebula Formation