by Spectral Lore

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released June 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Spectral Lore Αθήνα, Greece

This is the only official page for Spectral Lore. Atmospheric metal, ambient and experimental music.

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Track Name: All Devouring Earth
The birth comes from within the bowels of existence
It erupts out of its host by vessels of blood, without reciprocity, unbeknownst of gratitude.
How could he who offers himself not desire to pull you back into the womb?

"Where is your heart?
You give your heart to each thing in turn.
Carrying, you do not carry it...
You destroy your heart on earth"

"I am the river in which the life-force of every being flows.
I cannot provide sustenance unless I quench my own thirst."

«Come forth
to be stained
with blood

come forth
cross my path»

The Great Mouth of the world is gaping
A red veil that covers the stone is its tongue.
It speaks that we are one, eternally perplexed
Divided ephemerally for the sweet anticipation of reunion.

Look into the black abyss and see a threshold.
Join the abode of the dead as the supreme service.
With fear and awe they rule with an iron hand.

in italic: Nahua Poetry
Track Name: The Dejection of Arjuna
"Seeing these my own people, arrayed for battle,
my limbs collapse and my mouth is parched.

I do not see any good in slaying them
nor I desire victory, kingdom, or pleasures.
Although these, with a consciousness clouded with greed
see no guilt in the destruction of the family
why should not we have the wisdom to draw back, O Jardana?"

"That which really is, cannot go out of existence,
just as that which is non-existent cannot come into being.
The enlightened man mourns neither for the living or for the dead.

One whose intelligence has attained to unity,
casts away both good and evil works.
Make grief and happiness, loss and gain, victory and defeat
equal in thy soul and then turn to battle, O Bharata!"

"If thou boldest the intelligence to be greater than works,
why then dost thou appoint me to a terrible work?"

"Not by abstention from works does a man enjoy actionlessness, nor by renounciation.
He who controlling the senses by the mind, O Arjuna,
without attachment engages with the organs of action, he excels.

Hearken, O mighty-armed, to my word, that I will speak to thee from my will
for thy soul's good, now that thy heart is taking delight in me.

I, O Gudakesha, am the Self, which abides within all beings.
By Me, all this universe has been extended in the ineffable mystery of being;
All existences are situated in Me, not I in them.

Work done as a sacrifice fosters Me, who give you back fulfillment.
Being absorbed in thoughts of Me, one experiences bliss.
To those who are devoted, I give them the understanding by which they come to Me.

Therefore, looking to thine own law of action thou shouldst not tremble;
there is no greater good for the Kshatriya than righteous battle.
Do not yield to unmanliness, O son of Prithâ. It does not become you.
Shake off faint-heartnedness and arise, O scorcher of enemies!"

compiled and re-arranged from the Bhagavad Gita as interpreted by Sri Aurobindo.
Track Name: The Coming of Age
Taken I am from my settled repose, thrown violently into a space of liminality.
Into a realm of pure possibility, that of Becoming.
It is as if I do not exist.

The desert welcomes its children with a feral embrace.
Here rules the coyote and the snake.
They cast their shadows gracefully into the night.

When the outward structure is dissolved, uncertainty is the most loving mother.
It is thereof that I must unearth the roots of my being.

Searching for the songlines of my ancestors.
Awaiting eagerly to step in their footpaths.

O, come to me, you Guardian spirit
Give me Meaning, Destiny and Purpose!
I cannot become unless I marry with my shadow.

The vision finally comes to the aching soul.

In my right hand lies a heavy burden,
In my left hand a hawk's feather.
Track Name: Quest for the Supramental
This barren desert landscape,
I must transform within my heart into a lush forest.
But, I shall not bathe in its streams, caressed by its whispers.
I shall breathe its air and cross in-between it.

Man is something to be surpassed.
Born of struggle, composed to overcome.
Why not desire to break the circle of renewal?
Not by leap of faith, but courageous vision. Integral and pure.

I look for a truth that is whole. Indifferent of vantage point. Beyond the Ideas.
That I shall feel within the crux of my essence.
Draw me towards the point of utmost complexity. Of unlimited consciousness.
Track Name: My Ascension into the Celestial Spheres
Now that I am finally faced towards the infinite,
I feel I must sternly weight the components of my soul
these shimmering gems I guarded vigorously as relics
are they as real as the daylight's lukewarm smile upon existance?

No embrace ever unconditional is, but kindled by the fire of capacity.
The soul must endure for it, lest it be devoured by the Mouth of Judgement.
Ordeals of pain and courage.

I carry my offering through a dusty and worn road,
marked by the endless procession of the wretched.
Towards a ray of light, flickering fraily inbetween the blackness of doubt.
It leads out of this cosmos, pointing into the abode of the heavens.

Round and spherical in form, alive with divine intelligences
complete their orbits with marvelous swiftness,
emitting each a partial tone conjuncting into a total harmony.
As a spindle their rims are woven together.

I enter through a pearly gate to a mighty palace.

"Of what essence art thou and what gift have thou brought to us?"

"Of the essence of Star Dust I am, and I bring you Virtue, Duty, and Creation.
I do not look at matter as plain, but unfold its essence towards the above.
I do not look at life as disjointed, but as a web of cells in motion."

"You are the Enlighted Templar
You are the Guardian of Atlantis
Deep within you lies the World.
You shall remain for Ever."